Light Heavyweight: 2010, Nov 22-28

Former lineal Champion Zsolt Erdei (whose reign, by the way, was such a joke that the Ring supplanted him with Roy Jones) won a decision over complete non-entity Samson Onyango in New Jersey.  It marked only the 3rd time Erdei fought outside Hungary and Germany, and the first since 2002.  The bout was worthless except that it technically made Erdei an active light heavyweight again, prompting me to take a look at his overall record to see if it still merits a rating.  Erdei’s opponents even while defending the title were more characteristic of guys that would be underdogs in EBU fights than in guys that deserved to fight for the legitimate championship, and his best wins are over 5 years old and consequently aren’t going to get consideration.  Nevertheless, with six relatively notable wins in the last half-decade, including one over Thomas Ulrich, who was at least a solid fringe contender at the time, it’s hard not to rank him ahead of a guy like Gayrat Ahmedov who, while he’s got a very recent win almost as good as any Erdei has in five years, has only really beaten one good gatekeeper so far.  Accordingly, Erdei takes his place at #16, just behind Hugo Garay.  Garay appears to be fading a bit, and was beaten by Erdei twice over five years ago (albeit in controversial fashion), but despite two recent losses he still holds a victory over Juergen Braehmer- better than anything Erdei has done at 175 since they met in the ring- and a more convincing decision over common opponent Yuri Barashian.


The day before Erdei’s return, Andrzej Fonfara knocked out fellow prospect Anthony Doughty in the first round in Chicago.  Fonfara probably isn’t headed for the Championship, with losses to two mediocre opponents, but showed that he’s at least competent with the quick stoppage.  Also that day, 168 pound contender and Erdei’s Hungarian countryman Karoly Balzsay took 4 of the scheduled 6 to knock out Misa Nikolic, who had been on a six-fight winning streak against poor opposition since opening his career with eight consecutive losses against mostly nobody special.


Erdei’s return bumps down everybody rated 16 and below last week one place each, and forces out Polish prospect Dawid Kostecki for the time being.


For comparison, here are the current Ring Magazine Ratings:
Champ: Jean Pascal
1) Chad Dawson
2) Tavoris Cloud
3) Glen Johnson
4) Bernard Hopkins
5) Nathan Cleverly
6) Adrian Diaconu
7) Karo Murat
8 ) Beibut Shumenov
9) Chris Henry
10) Gabriel Campillo


Dan’s Top 20
Champ: Jean Pascal (15-75-75)
Last Fight: 8/14/2010- TD11 #1 Chad Dawson
Next Fight: 12/18/2010- vs. #3 Bernard Hopkins
1) Chad Dawson (55-234-234)
Last Fight: 8/14/2010- L (TD11) vs. #3 Jean Pascal
Next Fight: Unknown
2) Tavoris Cloud (16-65-65)
Last Fight: 8/7/2010- UD12 #4 Glen Johnson
Next Fight: 12/17/2010- vs. Fulgencio Zuniga (UNR)
3) Bernard Hopkins (15-233-233)
Last Fight: 4/3/2010- UD12 Roy Jones, Jr.
Next Fight: 12/18/2010- vs. Champ Jean Pascal
4) Glen Johnson (15-388-388)
Last Fight: 11/6/2010- KO8 Allan Green (UNR) (at SMW)
Next Fight: Unknown
5) Gabriel Campillo (15-22-22)
Last Fight: 5/15/2010- KO1 Luzimar Gonzaga
Next Fight: Unknown
6) Nathan Cleverly (10-42-42)
Last Fight: 9/18/2010- TKO10 #16 Karo Murat
Next Fight: 12/11/2010- vs. Alejandro Lakatos (UNR)
7) Jürgen Brähmer (10-22-22)
Last Fight: 4/24/2010- TKO5 Mariano Plotinsky
Next Fight: 1/8/2010- vs. #9 Beibut Shumenov
8) Chris Henry (10-28-28)
Last Fight: 3/27/2010- TKO1 Hugo Garay
Next Fight: Unknown
9) Beibut Shumenov (10-18-22)
Last Fight: 7/23/2010- UD12 #18 Vyacheslav Uzelkov
Next Fight: 1/8/2010- vs. #7 Jürgen Brähmer
10) Roy Jones, Jr. (15-15-22)
Last Fight: 4/3/2010- L(UD12) vs. Bernard Hopkins
Next Fight: Unknown
11) Adrian Diaconu (15-185)
Last Fight: 10/15/2010- UD10 Omar Sheika (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
12) Yusaf Mack (4-22)
Last Fight: 2/5/2010- L(TKO6) vs. Glen Johnson
Next Fight: Unknown
13) Dmitri Sukhotski (4-4)
Last Fight: 10/29/2010- TKO6 #16 Alexei Kuziemski
Next Fight: Unknown
14) Thierry Karl (4-22)
Last Fight: 11/6/2010- UD6 Arturs Kuliauskis (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
15) Hugo Garay (4-22)
Last Fight: 8/14/2010- KO1 Marcelo Da Silva (UNR) (at CW)
Next Fight: Unknown
16) Zsolt Erdei (1-1)
Last Fight: 11/20/2010- UD8 Samson Onyango (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
17) Gayrat Ahmedov (1-18)
Last Fight: 7/23/10- KO1 Dallas Vargas (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
18) Karo Murat (1-50)
Last Fight: 9/18/2010- L(TKO10) vs. #9 Nathan Cleverly
Next Fight: Unknown
19) Danny McIntosh (1-22)
Last Fight: 11/6/2010- TKO3 Hastings Rasani (UNR) (at CW)
Next Fight: Unknown
20) Mariano Plotinsky (1-18)
Last Fight: 4/24/2010- L(TKO5) vs. Juergen Braehmer
Next Fight: Unknown


The Week Ahead: Nothing much happening this week at 175.

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