Super Middleweight: 2011, Oct 31- Nov 6

Another slow time last week.



Dan’s Top 20
Champ: None
1) Andre Ward (49-128-128)
Last Fight: 5/14/2011- UD12 #6 Arthur Abraham
Next Fight: 12/17/2011- vs. #2 Carl Froch
Ward-Froch has been rescheduled for December 17 in Atlantic City.
2) Carl Froch (49-281-281)
Last Fight: 6/4/2011- W(MD12) vs. #12 Glen Johnson
Next Fight: 12/17/2011- vs. #1 Andre Ward
See Ward’s comments above.
3) Lucian Bute (49-290-290)
Last Fight: 7/9/2011- KO4 Jean Paul Mendy (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. #13 Glen Johnson
Bute passed up Mikkel Kessler for a potentially slightly easier night with #12 Glen Johnson in early November.
4) Mikkel Kessler (49-360-360)
Last Fight: 6/4/2011- TKO6 Mehdi Bouadla (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown Date- vs. #5 Robert Stieglitz
Kessler’s team is targeting March or April for his recovery and the Stieglitz bout.
5) Robert Stieglitz (30-114-114)
Last Fight: 4/9/2011- W(DQ10) vs. Khoren Gevor (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. #4 Mikkel Kessler
See Kessler’s notes above.
6) Thomas Oosthuizen (9-22-70)
Last Fight: 9/3/2011- UD12 #9 Aaron Pryor, Jr.
Next Fight: 11/23/2011- vs. Unknown Opponent
Oosthuizen will fight on November 23.  Maxim Vlasov was originally the opponent, but backed out shortly thereafter.
7) Arthur Abraham (9-106-106)
Last Fight: 5/14/2011- L(UD12) vs. #1 Andre Ward
Next Fight: Unknown
Abraham now expects to fight in December in Germany.
8) Dimitri Sartison (9-66-70)
Last Fight: 7/31/2010- UD12 Khoren Gevor (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Sartison badly injured his knee in training and will be out until about October.  He will be given adequate time to schedule a fight thereafter without being removed.  I probably won’t even consider removing him until February.
9) Peter Quillin (9-27-27)
Last Fight: 7/23/2011- TKO5 Jason LeHoullier (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. Craig McEwan (UNR)
Quillin will fight Craig McEwan on the Angulo-Kirkland undercard in Cancun on November 5.
10) Sakio Bika (9-9-239)
Last Fight: 11/27/2010- L(UD12) vs. #2 Andre Ward
Next Fight: Unknown
11) Andy Lee (5-34)
Last Fight: 10/1/2011- UD10 #14 Bryan Vera
Next Fight: Unknown
Exorcised whatever demons he had left in his career with the win over Vera, and is now ready to move on like the sure-fire contender he was originally seen as.
12) Aaron Pryor, Jr. (5-26)
Last Fight: 9/3/2011- L(UD12) vs. #10 Thomas Oosthuizen
Next Fight: 12/10/2011- vs. Adonis Stevenson (UNR)
Pryor looks to rebound from his momentum-halting loss to Oosthuizen with another tough fight against human highlight reel Adonis Stevenson in October.
13) Glen Johnson (5-52)
Last Fight: 6/4/2011- L(MD12) vs. #2 Carl Froch
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. #3 Lucian Bute
With no apparent buzz leading up to the announcement, Johnson suddenly had a fight signed with Bute for November.
14) Isaac Chilemba (5-70)
Last Fight: 3/26/2011- UD12 Vikapita Meroro (UNR) (at LHW)
Next Fight: Unknown
Chilemba seems to be toying with the idea of moving up to 175.  We’ll have to see if he ultimately takes that route or not.
15) Bryan Vera (5-39)
Last Fight: 10/1/2011- L(UD10) vs. #15 Andy Lee
Next Fight: Unknown
Totally outclassed by Lee in the rematch of a fight he won last time around.
16) Librado Andrade (10-10)
Last Fight: 8/27/2011- TKO3 Matt O’Brien (UNR)
Next Fight: 12/17/2011- vs. Don George (UNR)
Andrade has not been deterred from fighting top prospects after the Pryor loss, and is now scheduled to fight knockout artist Don George in December.
17) Jesus Gonzalez (10-17)
Last Fight: 7/8/2011- UD12 Francisco Sierra (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
With a fairly comfortable win over a generally solid and much bigger opponent, Gonzalez finds his way easily within the top 20.
18) James DeGale (3-3)
Last Fight: 10/15/2011- W(MD12) vs. Piotr Wilczewski (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
DeGale finally gets a measure of justice after a questionable loss to Groves now that he has another good win under his belt, albeit a close one.  He already appears to have Italian journeyman Cristian Sanavia in line as his next opponent, likely in December.
19) George Groves (3-24)
Last Fight: 5/21/2011- W(MD12*) vs. #20 James DeGale
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. Paul Smith (UNR)
Groves and Smith were originally scheduled to fight December 17, but perhaps because of a conflict with Ward-Froch, it has been moved up to November 5.
20) Ezequiel Maderna (3-35)
Last Fight: 8/28/2011- TKO3 Jorge Rodriguez Olivera (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/5/2011- vs. Dario Balmaceda (UNR)
Scheduled for a stay-busy fight this week against Balmaceda for the Argentine title.


The Week Ahead:  The action picks up this week after a couple slow ones in a row.  All the major fights are on Saturday.  The main event is #3 Lucian Bute fighting his best opponent for quite some time in #12 Glen Johnson in Quebec City.  A little earlier in the night across the pond, #19 George Groves and Paul Smith will do battle in London in a good British-level matchup.  Finally, #20 Ezequiel Maderna fights journeyman Dario Balmaceda in Buenos Aires.


Also, except in the unlikely event that he schedules a super middleweight fight before Monday, #13 Isaac Chilemba will be removed for apparently moving up to light heavyweight.

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