Cruiserweight: 2012, Sep 10-16

Australian gatekeeper Daniel Ammann stopped decent journeyman Pieter Cronje Friday in Flemington, Australia when Cronje’s corner threw in the towel in the 9th round of a scheduled 10.  No changes to the rankings.


Dan’s Top 20
Champ: None
1) Yoan Pablo Hernandez (32-116-116)
Last Fight: 2/4/2012- UD12 #4 Steve Cunningham
Next Fight: 9/15/2012- vs. #20 Troy Ross
This Cuban will fight Canadian fringe contender Troy Ross- in Germany.  I feel like this could only happen at Cruiserweight.
2) Denis Lebedev (32-136-136)
Last Fight: 4/4/2012- KO2 Shawn Cox (UNR)
Next Fight: 10/20/2012- vs. #8 Guillermo Jones
Lebedev will fight very inactive alphabet titleholder and former welterweight Guillermo Jones in Moscow this October.
3) Steve Cunningham (15-430-430)
Last Fight: 9/8/2012- UD10 Jason Gavern (UNR) (at HW)
Next Fight: Unknown
So far so good for Cunningham at Heavyweight.  He’ll retain his ranking here until the anniversary of his February 4 cruiserweight fight, or until he schedules a heavyweight fight for a date after that.
4) Marco Huck (15-301-301)
Last Fight: 5/5/2012- Draw* (MD12) vs. #7 Ola Afolabi
Next Fight: 11/3/2012- vs. #9 Firat Arslan
Huck will fight Arslan next in early November.
5) Ola Afolabi (15-183-183)
Last Fight: 5/5/2012- Draw* (MD12) vs. #4 Marco Huck
Next Fight: Unknown
6) Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (15-377-377)
Last Fight: 11/30/2011- TKO11 #9 Danny Green
Next Fight: 9/22/2012- vs. #12 Francisco Palacios
It appears- according to Boxrec- that Wlodarczyk has finally consented to an alphabet-mandated rematch with Palacios. The first fight was close (I thought Palacios won), but unfortunately almost unwatchable, as well.
7) Lateef Kayode (12-15-95)
Last Fight: 6/2/2012- Draw (SD12) vs. ‘Roided up #3 Antonio Tarver
Next Fight: Unknown
Kayode originally was angling for a fight with Roy Jones, but now appears to be in discussions to fight Grigory Drozd in Siberia.
8) Guillermo Jones (12-102-102)
Last Fight: 11/5/2011- TKO6 Michael Marrone (UNR)
Next Fight: 10/20/2012- vs. #2 Denis Lebedev
Jones will travel to Moscow to put his alphabet title on the line against the much younger Lebedev.
9) Firat Arslan (12-18-61)
Last Fight: 5/11/2012- Draw* (MD12) vs. #12 Alexander Alekseev (Robbery)
Next Fight: 11/3/2012- vs. #4 Marco Huck
Long-since slated for a November rematch with Alekseev, Arslan was the subject of a surprise announcement that he would instead fight Marco Huck.
10) Danny Green (12-12-145)
Last Fight: 7/25/2012- TKO5 Danny Santiago (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
11) B.J. Flores (12-116)
Last Fight: 1/28/2012- TKO6 Hugo Pineda (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Flores suffered a hand injury in training for his September 14 date, and is now on the shelf for the moment.
12) Francisco Palacios (12-76)
Last Fight: 11/5/2011- UD8 Joell Godfrey (UNR)
Next Fight: 9/22/2012- vs. #6 Krzysztof Wlodarczyk
See Wlodarczyk’s notes, above.
13) Giacobbe Fragomeni (12-200)
Last Fight: 3/17/2012- Draw (MD12) vs. Silvio Branco (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Fragomeni appears to be showing his age after nearly losing to an even older man in Branco.
14) Silvio Branco (12-26)
Last Fight: 3/17/2012- Draw (MD12) vs. #10 Giacobbe Fragomeni
Next Fight: Unknown
45 year old veteran Silvio Branco got what may have been his final hurrah with a close-fought draw with top 10-ranked Giacobbe Fragomeni.
15) Mateusz Masternak (12-24)
Last Fight: 5/19/2012- UD10 Hari Miles (UNR)
Next Fight: 9/15/2012- vs. David Quinonero (UNR)
Masternak will fight David Quinonero on September 15.
16) Alexander Alekseev (12-87)
Last Fight: 5/11/2012- Draw*(MD12) vs. #19 Firat Arslan (robbery- should have been L)
Next Fight: 9/28/2012-  vs. Agron Dzila (UNR)
Alekseev is set for a November rematch with Arslan, but is taking a tuneup with Macedonian fringe prospect Agron Dzila first.
17) Enad Licina (12-116)
Last Fight: 2/4/2012- L(UD12) vs. #17 Alexander Alexeev
Next Fight: Unknown
18) Dmitro Kucher (11-11)
Last Fight: 8/19/2012- TKO5 Geoffrey Battelo (UNR) (at HW)
Next Fight: Unknown
19) Pawel Glazewski (11-11)
Last Fight: 6/30/2012- L(Robbery) vs. Roy Jones, Jr. (UNR)
Next Fight: 10/13/2012- vs. Sofiane Sebihi (UNR) (at LHW)
Glazewski’s opponent for October is decent Swiss journeyman Sofiane Sebihi, and the fight will be contested at the 175 pound limit.
20) Troy Ross (11-32)
Last Fight: 2/4/2012- UD8 Lukasz Rusiewicz (UNR)
Next Fight: 9/15/2012- vs. #1 Yoan Pablo Hernandez
Ross will roll the dice in a big way against Hernandez- the first decent opponent he’s fought in a very long time.


THE WEEK AHEAD: Three notable fights on Saturday.  In Finland, local gatekeeper Juho Haapoja takes on Italian fringe prospect Francesco Versaci.  Meanwhile in Bamberg, Germany, #1 Yoan Pablo Hernandez takes on #20 Troy Ross, and undefeated Polish prospect and #15 Mateusz Masternak battles undefeated Spanish prospect David Quinonero .

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