Cruiserweight: 2011, Mar 7-13

Solid Polish prospect Pawel Kolodziej beat top-level journeyman Felix Cora, Jr. Saturday in Poland, but this was not enough to earn him a ranking.


Last week’s #11 Wayne Braithwaite has now been inactive for a full year, and has no fight signed at this time.  Accordingly, he exits the rankings and everyone ranked #12 or below last week moves up one spot.  Returning to the rankings for the first time since last summer is Mateusz Masternak of Poland at #20.


For Comparison, here are the Current Ring Magazine Cruiserweight Rankings:
Champ: None
1) Steve Cunningham
2) Marco Huck
3) Krzysztof Wlodarczyk
4) Denis Lebedev
5) Troy Ross
6) Danny Green
7) Giacobbe Fragomeni
8) Ola Afolabi
9) Guillermo Jones
10) Yoan Pablo Hernandez

Dan’s Top 20
Champ: None
1) Steve Cunningham (148*-351-351)
Last Fight: 2/12/2011- UD12 #14 Enad Licina
Next Fight: Unknown
* Not actually sure how long he’s been rated #1, but it has been at least this number of weeks.
Cunningham defeated Licina, and will likely fight next in Sauerland’s Super Six.
2) Marco Huck (37-222-222)
Last Fight: 12/18/2010- SD12 #6 Denis Lebedev
Next Fight: 4/2/2011- vs. #9 Giacobbe Fragomeni
Shrwedly signed on to fight Giacobbe Fragomeni in what is probably his last bout before entering the Super Six.  This is probably a good opportunity to bounce back from a win that everyone knows he lost against a well-rated but aged former titlist.
3) Denis Lebedev (12-57-57)
Last Fight: 12/18/2010- L(SD12) vs. #2 Marco Huck
Next Fight: Unknown
For those that enjoy public executions, the fight being negotiated between Lebedev and Roy Jones, Jr. will reportedly be headed to pay-per-view.  The target date now appears to be June.  No word on whether the late March date Lebedev once had scheduled will still hold.
4) Ola Afolabi (12-104-104)
Last Fight: 10/16/2010- UD10 Sandro Siproshvili (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Afolabi is probably the best fighter not set to fight in the Super Six.    His route to the top 5 was probably quieter than his peers, and he has the wrong promoter (Duva Boxing) for a division that’s now completely dominated by Sauerland.  It might be hard for him to get good fights in the near future.
5) Yoan Pablo Hernandez (4-37-37)
Last Fight: 2/12/2011- KO7 #12 Steve Herelius
Next Fight: Unknown
Reports suggest a clash with Guillermo Jones might be next.  So much for his being already in the Super Six, I guess.
6) Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (4-298-298)
Last Fight: 9/25/2010- UD12 Jason Robinson (UNR)
Next Fight: 4/2/2011- vs. Francisco Palacios (UNR)
Palacios should be his last fight before he enters Sauerland’s Super Six.  We’ll see how much a broken leg in the lead up to the fight will affect his performance.
7) Guillermo Jones (16-23-23)
Last Fight: 10/2/2010- TKO11 Valery Brudov (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Reportedly considering fighting Yoan Pablo Hernandez in May.
8) Danny Green (16-66-66)
Last Fight: 11/17/2010- UD12 #12 B.J. Flores
Next Fight: Unknown
Green’s promotional firm is promoting a minor card in April, but he still has yet to decide on his fighting future after emergency surgery a couple months ago.
9) Giacobbe Fragomeni (16-121-121)
Last Fight: 11/5/2010- TKO6 Eduardo Ayala (UNR)
Next Fight: 4/2/2011- vs. #2 Marco Huck
Surprised me by signing a fight with Marco Huck this week.  This will likely be a last hurrah for the 41-year-old Italian.
10) Alexander Frenkel (16-16-25)
Last Fight: 9/18/2010- KO7 #12 Enzo Maccarinelli
Next Fight: Unknown
Has apparently overcome his hand injury enough to begin training for a possible bout with Silvio Branco, though that fight is not yet signed.
11) B.J. Flores (1-37)
Last Fight: 11/17/2010- L(UD12) vs. #9 Danny Green
Next Fight: Unknown
Began calling out Lateef Kayode after Kayode’s lackluster win over Nick Iannuzzi.  It looks like Kayode doesn’t want that fight yet, and with good reason.  Flores boxes with a similar style to Iannuzzi, but with much more class.
12) Troy Ross (1-106)
Last Fight: 10/30/2010- UD10 Carl Handy (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
I’m finally forced to give Ross more credit for his ill-fated impressive effort against Cunningham, since everyone immediately above him is losing.
13) Steve Herelius (1-36)
Last Fight: 2/12/2011- L(KO7) vs. #6 Yoan Pablo Hernandez
Next Fight: Unknown
It’s always hard to come back from a knockout loss.  Herelius could become a go-to quality opponent for the guys locked out of the Super Six.
14) Enad Licina (1-37)
Last Fight: 2/12/2011- L(UD12) vs. #1 Steve Cunningham
Next Fight: Unknown
15) Enzo Maccarinelli (1-37)
Last Fight: 9/18/2010- L(KO7) vs. Alexander Frenkel (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Probably all but retired after a vicious knockout loss to Frenkel, but no official announcement yet.
16) Lateef Kayode (1-16)
Last Fight: 2/4/2011- UD10 Nicholas Iannuzzi (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Went life and death with Nick Iannuzzi, but any win at that level is better than losses and inactivity, which are mostly what Alexeev and Godfrey have to show for the last 2 years.
17) Alexander Alexeev (1-8)
Last Fight: 7/17/2010- L (KO2) vs. #7 Denis Lebedev
Next Fight: 4/9/2011- vs. Unknown Opponent
Alexeev will look to bounce back on April 9 from his stoppage loss to Denis Lebedev last summer.  Don’t expect him to fight anyone dangerous.
18) Matt Godfrey (1-113)
Last Fight: 8/21/2010- L(TKO5) vs. #2 Marco Huck
Next Fight: Unknown
Never the most active fighter, we don’t yet know what Godfrey’s up to next after Marco Huck destroyed him.
19) Rogelio Rossi (1-8)
Last Fight: 1/14/2011- KO5 Cesar Crenz (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
20) Mateusz Masternak (1-1)
Last Fight: 11/5/2010- UD12 Ismail Abdoul (UNR)
Next Fight: 3/11/2011- vs. Ali Ismailov (UNR)
Masternak returns to the rankings for the first time since being forced out by Steve Herelius after my first week of ranking the division.  He’ll need to beat gatekeeper Ali Ismailov this week to avoid exiting just as quickly this time.  A win could make him a fixture.

THE WEEK AHEAD: Three notables in action on Friday:

1) Fringe contender Grigory Drozd, inactive since Summer ’09, finally returns to the ring against terrible Lithuanian Remigijus Ziausys in Russia.

2) Brand-new #20 Matteusz Masternak of Poland battles gatekeeper Ali Ismailov in Poland in an effort to hold onto his place in the rankings for longer than the one week he lasted in his previous appearance.


3) Gatekeeper Rachid El Hadak sees action in France against journeyman Levan Jomardishvili.

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