Heavyweight: 2014, Mar 10-16

There were no significant heavyweight contests last week, but last week’s #18 Alexander Dimitrenko is removed for inactivity, as he last fought on March 9 of last year.  This allows this week’s challengers, Vyacheslav Glazkov and Malik Scott, to move up to #18 and #19, respectively, and Johnathon Banks returns at #20 after being forced out on February 17.


Dan’s Top 20 (Weeks in current position-weeks in top 10 (if applicable)-weeks in top 20)
Champ: Wladimir Klitschko (246-459-459)
Last Fight: 10/5/2013- UD12 #3 Alexander Povetkin
Next Fight: 4/26/2014- vs. #14 Alex Leapai
Klitschko-Leapai appears to be finalized for April 26 in Germany.  He said recently that he wants to capture his brother’s old alphabet title, which would unify all the major titles for the first time since Lewis in 1999.  He would have to wait for someone else to pick it up first, as the silly alphabets don’t let current titlists fight for vacant titles.
1) Tyson Fury (4-4-4)
Last Fight: 2/15/2014- TKO4 Joey Abell (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Fury appears to be on a collision course with Chisora for the summer.  He also continues to call out Wladimir Klitschko.
2) Alexander Povetkin (4-333-333)
Last Fight: 10/5/2013- L (UD12) vs. Champ Wladimir Klitschko
Next Fight: Unknown
Chisora has been ruled out as Povetkin’s next opponent.
3) Steve Cunningham (4-64-64)
Last Fight: 12/14/2013- UD8 Manuel Quezada (UNR)
Next Fight: 4/4/2014- vs. Amir Mansour (UNR)
Cunningham takes on unbeaten fringe contender Amir Mansour in Cunningham’s hometown of Philadelphia on April 4.
4) Tomasz Adamek (4-203-203)
Last Fight: 8/3/2013- UD10 Dominick Guinn (UNR)
Next Fight: 3/15/2014- vs. #18 Vyacheslav Glazkov
The rescheduled fight with Glazkov is now official for March 15.
5) Kubrat Pulev (4-97-174)
Last Fight: 12/14/2013- TKO5 Joey Abell (UNR)
Next Fight: 4/5/2014- vs. Unknown Opponent
Chisora and Pulev have purse bids scheduled for March 18, though the conventional wisdom has long been that Chisora would be fighting Fury this summer.  This may or may not eliminate
6) Dereck Chisora (4-119-182)
Last Fight: 2/15/2014- UD12 Kevin Johnson (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
See Fury, Pulev, and Povetkin’s notes, above.
7) Odlanier Solis (4-51-198)
Last Fight: 7/27/2013- TKO7 Yakup Saglam (UNR)
Next Fight: 3/22/2014- vs. #11 Tony Thompson
Solis was first set to fight Kevin Johnson.  But he backed out because the IBF wanted him to fight Takam.  But now word from Tony Thompson is that Solis will fight Thompson, instead, on March 22.
8) Carlos Takam (4-8-8)
Last Fight: 1/18/2014- Robbery Draw (W) vs. #11 Mike Perez
Next Fight: Unknown
Takam clearly beat #11 Perez, and is ranked accordingly.
9) Bermane Stiverne (4-38-54)
Last Fight: 4/27/2013- UD12 #15 Chris Arreola
Next Fight: Unknown Date- vs. #10 Chris Arreola
The latest rumors have the Arreola fight taking place in June and in Mexico.
10) Chris Arreola (4-27-27)
Last Fight: 9/7/2013- TKO1 #12 Seth Mitchell
Next Fight: Unknown Date- vs. #9 Bermane Stiverne
See Stiverne’s notes, above.
11) Tony Thompson (4-198)
Last Fight: 8/24/2013- L (UD12) vs. #8 Kubrat Pulev
Next Fight: 3/22/2014- vs. #7 Odlanier Solis
Thompson is fighting Odlanier Solis on March 22.
12) Erkan Teper (4-28)
Last Fight: 11/16/2013- KO1 Martin Rogan (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
13) Deontay Wilder (4-46)
Last Fight: 10/26/2013- TKO4 Nicolai Firtha (UNR)
Next Fight: 3/15/2014- vs. #19 Malik Scott
Wilder will fight his close friend, Malik Scott, on March 15.
14) Alex Leapai (4-16)
Last Fight: 11/23/2013- UD10 #20 Denis Boytsov
Next Fight: 4/26/2014- vs. Champ Wladimir Klitschko
Leapai-Klitschko is done for April 26 in Germany.
15) Robert Helenius (4-198)
Last Fight: 3/23/2013- W*(UD10) vs. Michael Sprott (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
We finally have a bit of clarification on the Helenius-Sauerland situation.  Helenius says that when he signed a promotional contract with Sauerland in 2007, he had no representation and couldn’t even read it in German.  He is currently trying to get a Finnish court to allow him to fight in Finland, as he says Sauerland is blocking him from fighting now despite the fact that his health will now allow it.
16) Andy Ruiz (4-16)
Last Fight: 11/24/2013- RTD3 Tor Hamer (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Ruiz passed up a proposed date in February, saying he wants to focus on weight loss so that his performances become more of a story than his physique.  He wants to be around or below 240.
17) Seth Mitchell (4-40)
Last Fight: 9/7/2013- L (TKO1) vs. Chris Arreola (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Mitchell’s chin is so fragile that he might want to consider calling it a career.  Golden Boy’s CEO says he’s advised Mitchell to do just that, though he reports that Mitchell seems to have no such intention.
18) Vyacheslav Glazkov (1-64)
Last Fight: 11/16/2013- UD10 Garrett Wilson (UNR)
Next Fight: 3/15/2014- vs. #4 Tomasz Adamek
Glazkov-Adamek is back on, for March 15, after the first attempt was cancelled due to an Adamek illness.
19) Malik Scott (1-55)
Last Fight: 7/20/2013- L (KO6*) vs. #8 Dereck Chisora
Next Fight: 3/15/2014- vs. #13 Deontay Wilder
See Wilder’s notes, above.
20) Johnathon Banks (1-1)
Last Fight: 6/22/2013- L (UD12) vs. #20 Seth Mitchell
Next Fight: Unknown


Andrzej Wawrzyk vs. Frans Botha; Arlamow, Poland; PolSat Sport (Poland)
Frans Botha shouldn’t still be fighting, and frankly Polish prospect Wawrzyk should be a bit ashamed of himself for taking the fight against the 45 year old South African has-been.


#13 Deontay Wilder vs. #19 Malik Scott; Bayamon, Puerto Rico; Showtime (US)
Wilder will face his toughest test in Scott, who should at least allow him to prove that he hasn’t gotten to #13 only because of clever matchmaking.  The only two blemishes on Scott’s record are both controversial.  In the first, the judges gave his opponent Glazkov every benefit of the doubt in arriving at a draw.  In the second, he was counted out for a knockout despite being clearly up and ready to go before the count of 10 against Dereck Chisora.  Wilder so far has destroyed everything he’s hit.  We’ll see if he can do that against a classy operator in his prime like Scott.


#4 Tomasz Adamek vs. #18 Vyacheslav Glazkov; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; NBC Sports (US)
This is an intriguing fight.  Glazkov hasn’t exactly set the world on fire against high-level opposition, as he was very lucky to escape with a draw against Malik Scott, who was his best opponent to date.  Still, Adamek is about as vulnerable-looking as #4 contenders get, having barely outpointed an injured Eddie Chambers and being clowned by the smaller Steve Cunningham.  At the very least, Glazkov is a strong natural heavyweight in his prime, and Adamek often seems to have difficulty standing up to the kind of power a guy like him brings to the table.  On the other hand, Glazkov has proven himself to have trouble handling slick boxers, which Adamek qualifies for at this weight.  I’m not sure I can pick this one.

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