Junior Middleweight: 2012, Nov 12-18

In by far the week’s most significant action, #6 Erislandy Lara met #15 Vanes Martirosyan in Vegas, with a mandatory shot at Canelo on the line.  But as is often the case, the judges robbed us of a satisfactory outcome. 


Martirosyan received a bad cut over his left eye from an accidental clash of heads early in the 9th round, causing the fight to go to the cards a bit early.  Lara had won the first round pretty clearly, but Vanes came back and easily carried the next two.  Lara returned the favor in the 4th, edged out 5 and 6 on my card, and then swept the last 3 pretty clearly.  The 9th was a very short round, but easy to score nevertheless, since Lara landed two punches and Vanes landed none.  So the range of reasonable scores was anywhere between 88-83 Lara (my score) and 86-85 Lara.  But as you already know, the judges couldn’t handle that.  Ricardo Ocasio did a respectable job in scoring it 87-84 Lara.  Jerry Roth gave Vanes at least one clear Lara round in addition to every benefit of the doubt, and Dave Moretti basically gave Vanes all the close rounds as well, but also made what I consider a bit of a cowardly decision.  The 9th round, as I mentioned, didn’t have a lot of action.  But the judges are supposed to score the round.  There wasn’t a lot of effective aggressiveness or ring generalship to use in Vanes’ favor, and so Lara’s landed shots make a clear and decisive difference.  Moretti had an obligation to make a call in the round just as surely as if it had been a 3 minute round decided by a similar margin, and yet he chose to cop out (perhaps knowing that it would make the difference in favor of Lara on his already slightly biased scorecard), scoring the round even and thus creating a stalemate on his scorecard, and yielding a draw overall.  But Lara clearly won the fight, and gets credit for it here.


That same night in Los Angeles, #9 Alfredo Angulo returned to action for the first time since his loss to Kirkland and subsequent unjust 8-month detention over an expired visa, taking on young .  The fight was looking to be a good, all-action affair, but Angulo put a stop to it before it got too interesting.  Casarez was in the midst of unloading a combination on Angulo, when Angulo caught him with a beautiful left hook that ended the fight, just under a minute deep.  This was essentially a get-busy fight for Angulo, but he deserves credit not only for the result, but also the fact that he came in at the 154 limit.  A lot of guys would have let their weight fluctuate in a non-title fight coming off a year layoff.


In lesser action from Friday, 2-loss Argentine prospect Javier Maciel knocked out mid-level Brazilian journeyman Anderson Clayton in Caseros, Argentina, in the 4th round. 


I’m sure this will be controversial, but in my book, Lara’s win gets him up to #4, past Cotto and Mayweather.  Mayweather’s only relevant result in the division was a squeaker against Cotto, who was ranked #4 at the time.  Such a squeaker, in fact, that I view it as closer to a draw than an unmitigated win.  Lara has what amounts to a clear win over a #6 in Paul Williams, and so those basically balance out.  The rest is all gravy for Lara, whose arguable worst result was a draw with then-fringe contending Carlos Molina.  But considering what Molina has done since, there’s an argument to be made that the draw is among the better results recorded by any fighter in the division in retrospect.  Lara’s move to #4 pushes Mayweather and Cotto down one spot each, while Martirosyan stays put at #15.


Dan’s Top 20 (Weeks in Current Position-Weeks in Top 10 if applicable-Weeks in Top 20)
Champ: None
1) Saul Alvarez (28-89-104)
Last Fight: 9/15/2012- TKO5 WW#? Josesito Lopez
Next Fight: Unknown
Canelo says he’ll decide his next opponent in January- an uncharacteristically long layoff for the very active superstar.
2) Carlos Molina (28-71-86)
Last Fight: 8/17/2012- UD10 Damian Frias (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
3) Cornelius Bundrage (34-119-119)
Last Fight: 6/30/2012- TKO7 #11 Cory Spinks
Next Fight: Unknown
Bundrage has left Don King and signed with Golden Boy, and now says he wants Angulo and Kirkland.
4) Erislandy Lara (1-71-93)

Last Fight: 11/10/2012- D* (TD9) vs. #15 Vanes Martirosyan (should be win)
Next Fight: Unknown
The WBC will order a re-match of the robbery draw that Lara clearly won in his eliminator with Vanes.
5) Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (1-28-28)
Last Fight: 5/5/2012- UD12* #4 Miguel Cotto
Next Fight: Unknown
Mayweather says his next fight will be in the first half of 2013.
6) Miguel Cotto (1-128-128)
Last Fight: 5/5/2012- L* (UD12) vs. WW #1 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Next Fight: 12/1/2012- vs. #8 Austin Trout
Cotto fights Austin Trout December 1 at Madison Square Garden.
7) James Kirkland (28-54-54)
Last Fight: 3/24/2012- W*(DQ10) vs. #6 Carlos Molina (Robbery)
Next Fight: Unknown
Kirkland is apparently having managerial problems, but may be in position for a Canelo fight in December.
8) Austin Trout (24-24-93)
Last Fight: 6/2/2012- UD12 #13 Delvin Rodriguez
Next Fight: 12/1/2012- vs. #5 Miguel Cotto
See Cotto’s notes, above.
9) Alfredo Angulo (24-164-164)
Last Fight: 11/10/2012- KO1 Raul Casarez (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
So far, so good, as Angulo is back in action.
10) Gabriel Rosado (25-25-93)
Last Fight: 9/21/2012- TKO10 Charles Whittaker (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Rosado was briefly scheduled to fight Elvin Ayala on December 8, but quickly withdrew.
11) Cory Spinks (22-42)
Last Fight: 6/30/2012- L (TKO7) vs. #3 Cornelius Bundrage
Next Fight: Unknown
Spinks failed to revenge his ugly 2010 TKO loss to Bundrage, but managed to look a little better and capture a round or two this time.
12) Sergey Rabchenko (22-22)
Last Fight: 6/16/2012- TKO7 #11 Ryan Rhodes
Next Fight: 11/24/2012- vs. Cedric Vitu (UNR)
Rabchenko will fight one-loss French prospect Cedric Vitu on November 24 in Manchester, England.
13) Delvin Rodriguez (25-70)
Last Fight: 6/2/2012- L (UD12) vs. #12 Austin Trout
Next Fight: Unknown
14) Lukas Konecny (6-66)
Last Fight: 10/6/2012- L* (UD12) vs. Zaurbek Baysangurov (UNR) (Robbery)
Next Fight: Unknown
Konecny all but dominated Baysangurov, but walked away with one of the worst robbery losses I’ve ever seen.
15) Vanes Martirosyan (6-76)
Last Fight: 11/10/2012- D* (TD9) vs. #6 Erislandy Lara (robbery- should be L)
Next Fight: Unknown
Martirosyan clearly lost to Lara, but will get a second opportunity thanks to the failure of 2 judges.
16) Carlos Quintana (23-28)
Last Fight: 5/5/2012- TKO6 Deandre Latimore (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/24/2012- vs. Keith Thurman (UNR)
Quintana will serve as a gatekeeper against typically welterweight top prospect Keith Thurman on November 24.
17) Sechew Powell (10-139)
Last Fight: 6/1/2012- L (TKO9) vs. #10 Gabriel Rosado
Next Fight: Unknown
18) Brian Rose (10-50)
Last Fight: 10/5/2012- KO3 Vivian Harris (UNR)
Next Fight: Unknown
Another very mediocre opponent for Rose, but at least this time he took care of business.
19) Roberto Garcia (10-23)
Last Fight: 3/23/2012- UD10 Antwone Smith (UNR)
Next Fight: 11/17/2012- vs. Inocente Fiz (UNR)
Garcia will take on unproven Cuban prospect Inocente Fiz this weekend.
20) Anthony Mundine (10-10)
Last Fight: 7/14/2012- TKO7 Bronco McKart (at MW)
Next Fight: Unknown
Mundine’s next fight will be against top Middleweight contender Daniel Geale sometime in January, but no date or venue yet.


The Week Ahead: One-loss Miami prospect Joey Hernandez fights an undetermined opponent on ShoBox from Miami on Friday.


The following night, inactive former contender Yuri Foreman returns from a layoff of 20 months, also fighting an undetermined opponent in Huntington, New York.


Also on Saturday, #19 Roberto Garcia looks to mind the gate against undefeated but highly untested Cuban Inocente Fiz in Las Vegas.

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