Boxrec Forum Cruiserweight Rankings Rules

Please Note: This page has nothing to do with my rankings at or  It applies to a separate venture: the community cruiserweight rankings I administer within the forum.


a) Initial rankings will be To established in the following manner:

1) Each voter shall name his or her top 16 cruiserweights, in numerical order.

2) should any voter wish his or her #1 contender to be designated champion, that voter must indicate this unequivocally.

3) Should more than half of voters name the same fighter as champion, 16 fighters will be ranked in total.

4) voters may include more than 16 fighters in their list if desired, but only the first 15 or 16 eligible fighters named will be tabulated.

5) votes that do not contain the names of at least 15 (or 16, in the case of a champion being recognized) eligible fighters will be considered void.
6) to be eligible for the initial rankings, a fighter must have fought above 175 pounds and at or below 200 pounds within the preceding year, or have fought an opponent who carried that weight while weighing under 200 pounds himself during the same period.


a) a ranking vote shall be triggered by every instance in which a ranked fighter or, in the case of subsection (1), a fighter who may reasonably be ranked in the opinion of the administrator or any perspective voter, as indicated by a request, either

1) fights,

2) goes a full calendar year without fighting as a cruiserweight or against a cruiserweight while weighing at or below 200 pounds, himself,

3) has a fight canceled, if it has been over a year since he last fought in accordance with subsection (2)

4) schedules a fight unequivocally in another weight division that will not occur until the fighter has been inactive as a cruiserweight for a calendar year as defined in subsection (2),

5) goes an additional 6 months without fighting as a cruiserweight after triggering a vote under section II(a)(2) or this section,

6) tests positive for a performance enhancing drug or banned substance used to cut weight, or

7) is fully, partially, or arguably exonerated of a prior positive test under subsection (5).

b) fighters unequivocally announcing their retirements will be removed automatically.
c) for a ranked fighter to be affirmatively voted out of the rankings, a majority (ie 50%+) of valid votes must specify that they wish him to be unranked, removed, out, etc.


a) In the event a vacancy is created in accordance with section II, any fighters ranked below the removed fighter will advance, and the vacated final spot in the rankings will be filled according to the following procedure:

1) voters will specify their #1 choice to assume the vacant spot

2) if a majority of valid votes specify a single fighter, that fighter automatically assumes the vacant position.

3) if no fighter receives a majority under III(a)(2), all those receiving votes will be presented to the forum for ranking in a separate topic. Voters will rank each nominee in order of preference, and each nominee will receive a progressive point value corresponding to his ranking (with the highest ranked fighter receiving the most points, and the lowest ranked receiving 1 point). The fighter with the most points when voting closes will assume the vacancy. A vote in this scenario will only be valid if it includes each of the nominated fighters.


a) a progressive points system such as that mentioned above will be used to determine the order of the initial rankings, and will be used to determine the placement of fighters not voted out by majority rule in subsequent topics, with any fighters not being expressly voted on receiving a static point value based on their passive placement in the existing rankings, subject to the movement of fighters actually subjected to the vote at hand.

b) fighters that are not the subjects of the vote may only be promoted or demoted as necessary to accommodate the movements of the fighters subject to a vote in the topic at hand.


a) if a champion is not chosen in the initial rankings, or if the championship becomes vacant at any time thereafter, a champion may be crowned if the majority of valid votes place a single fighter at #1 and indicate that he should be recognized as Champion.

b) in the event that two fighters ranked #1 and #2 fight one another, the winner will become Champion, unless a majority of votes specify otherwise.

c) except as provided in section V(b), a vote against championship recognition shall be inferred anytime a voter does not specify champion status.


a) in the event that marcianofan fails to post an update thread within 2 calendar weeks of a fight that includes a ranked fighter, any member who voted in the prior topic may post an update thread in accordance with these rules, and it will be considered official and falling within the continuing rankings herein established to the extent said rules are substantially followed.


a) any rule above may be amended or removed by request and majority vote, and any new rule may be adopted in the same manner.

b) to request any such change to the rules, any member may post a request (including the specific language that should be changed, removed, or added to the rules) in any voting thread, or sent by PM to marcianofan. The proposal will then be placed for a vote on the next regularly-scheduled voting thread alongside the ranking-related topic(s).


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